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Winter 2016 in Print:
A Foothold in the Clouds

It’s been a hard turn around the sun. All the glitter has flown off into space and the world it left behind has gotten itself good and blurry drunk. And so, in the spirit of cloud medicine, we are proud to present our Winter 2016 issue. Featuring 35 new poems, these pages are full of secrets, survival tactics, and cold rain yet to fall. Take whatever you need to keep your heart alive.

You can read it on our website or purchase a physical copy.

With new poetry from Alaina Pepin, Colin Reed Moon, Katie Gleason, Alex Zhang, Emily Rose Cole, Emily Stoddard, David Koenig, Katie Simpson, Molli Spalter, Allie Arend, Suzanne Langlois, Sara Ryan, Joseph Felkers, Andrea Wyatt, Samuel Hovda, Christopher Hopkins, Barbara Draper, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Wendy DeGroat, Tallon Kennedy, Lois Roma-Deeley, J. Jerome Cruz, Cooper Wilhelm, Karen Paul Holmes, Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena, Triin Paja, Rebecca Starks, Cathryn Shea, and Kathleen Jones.

Winter 2016 is Live

Rust+Moth is pleased to announce the arrival of our Winter 2016 issue! Featuring the work of such poets as Lois Roma-Deeley, Cooper Wilhelm, Triin Paja, and J. Jerome Cruz, our year-ending issue is a prelude to darker and better days to come.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week as we build toward a finalized print edition in December. In the meantime, we invite you to join us online as we look for secrets hidden in blank pages, high clouds, ripe fruits, and other mysteries that have yet to organize and unblur and glow.