R+M: Expecto Patreon

Rust + Moth is excited to announce our new Patreon campaign.

Patreon is an online service that helps fans contribute financially to their favorite artists and content creators on an ongoing basis. Our hope is that with even a small amount of financial support, we at Rust + Moth can build a larger audience and do more for our contributors.

We started in Austin, TX in 2008. Our first print edition was a labor of love, involving a big empty floor, several boxes of pizza, and a lot of our friends folding, cutting, and binding the issue by hand. We’ve come a long way since our first issue, but there is still this one big thing that’s been bugging us, something that we’ve wanted to do for years and have never had the money to do: We would like to give each of our published authors a complimentary print copy of the issues in which they appear. Please check out our page, our video, and then help us give back to all the writers who make our journal shine:


Thanks for your support and your readership!

The editors, R+M

P.S. If you can’t contribute financially right now, we certainly understand that. But if you’re as excited about this campaign as we are, could we at least ask you to help us get the word out online? A few well-timed social media links could make all the difference in the world.