Winter 2021 in Print: The Endless Year

Rust + Moth’s Winter 2021 issue is now available in print! This crepuscular issue cries out to what we’ve lost over the horizon. Join these talented writers as they sing out the endless year.

With new poetry from Ellen Stone, Kindall Fredricks, Becki Hawkes, Suzanne Langlois, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Calvin Olsen, Samantha Padgett, Melanie McCabe, Jill Kitchen, Richard Lister, Danae Younge, Catherine Ormell, Alex Vigue, Cassy Dorff, Katherine Hagopian Berry, Callie S. Blackstone, Kevin Grauke, Marc Alan Di Martino, Carla Chinski, Jack Rockwell, Laura Reece Hogan, Jed Myers, Elizabeth Steinglass, Shannan Mann, Romana Iorga, Stefanie Kirby, Charles Kell, Alicia Elkort, Melissa Tuckman, Art Nahill, and Gregory Wolff.