Spring 2020 in Print: Lub Dub

Rust and Moth’s Spring 2020 issue is now available in print and for Kindle! This issue surprised us with its heavy and serendipitous focus on the body — and on the heart that keeps the body burning.

With new poetry from Lorrie Ness, Beth Davies, Tara Tamburello, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Malisa Garlieb, Benjamin J. Brezner, Melinda Clemmons, Diana Anhalt, Kevin Stadt, Marc Huerta Osborn, Remi Recchia, Spencer Riggi, Janice Northerns, Alan Chazaro, K.J. Li, Liz N. Clift, Michael Quinn, Ken Hada, Disha Trivedi, Danny Duffy, Angela Maria Spring, Joe Frye, Jennifer Hansen, Leland Seese, Rachel Lauren Storm, Olivia J. Kiers, Brandon McQuade, Robbie Gamble, Barry Peters, and Ceilidh Barlow Cash.

Spring 2014 in Print

Spring 2014 is live & available in print! 22 new poems from 16 powerful voices… we bet they’ll get under your skin. You can read it on the website, buy a physical copy, or read the online magazine.

Autumn 2014 Submissions Open

R+M is now accepting submissions for our Autumn 2014 issue! A big thank you to everyone who contributed to us this spring. See our Submission Guidelines for more information.