Autumn 2016 in Print:
A Dangerous Communication

Rust + Moth Autumn 2016 is now available in print! Featuring 37 new poems, this issue is missing a few teeth.

Carl Jung wrote that if one loses teeth in a dream, “one loses the grip on something… this can mean a loss of reality, a loss of relationship, a loss of self-control.” Such are these pages, filled with betrayal, ticking clocks, internal organs in rebellion, and haunting walks through dreamlit fields.

You can read it on our website or purchase a physical copy.

With new poetry from Nico Wilkinson, Jason Gray, Leslie Contreras Schwartz, Jordan Ranft, Torrin Greathouse, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Mary Alice Endicott, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Duncan Campbell, Elliott Freeman, Kelly Grace Thomas, Ramsay Randall, Benjamin Smith, Jules Jacob, James Croal Jackson, Blythe Davenport, Alexandra Smyth, David Anthony Sam, Danielle Zaccagnino, Liz Hogan, Matthew Landrum, Shuly Cawood, John Ling, Molly Likovich, Jamie Elliott Keith, Howie Good, Monica Lewis, Milla van der Have, Peter Grandbois, MarĂ­a Isabel Alvarez, Reba Rice, Hannah Dellabella, and Chelsea Dingman.