About Rust & Moth

A Journal of Poetry

Rust & Moth is a literary journal featuring imaginative and engaging poetry. Since 2008 we have dedicated ourselves to discovering new writers and presenting their work alongside evocative graphic design. Our editors love both the vitality of electronic publication and the feeling of holding a quality print edition in hand.

We stand on the side of the marginalized and of voices that have not been traditionally heard, and we value work that errs on the side of immediacy, strong images, and heartfelt innovation. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time from submission to publication and we encourage you to submit!

All Kinds of Updates

The Rust & Moth Staff



Suncerae Smith


Suncerae Smith is like unto a small woodland creature in their love of nuts and berries, and in their fear of loud noises and wide open spaces. She lives in books.

Josiah Spence


Josiah Spence lacks focus in his life and as a result is a professor, writer, photographer, musician, armchair philosopher, graphic designer, and web developer, among other lesser diversions. He hangs his hat in Texas and hangs his head when he lacks the time to pursue all of the above simultaneously.

Chelsea Hansen


Chelsea Hansen is still trying the world on for size. She neglects her notebooks; writes lists; and spends too much of her time, like her plants, stretching toward the windows for sunlight.

Michael Young


Michael Young spends his days in Colorado and his nights sleepwalking the Texas hill country. His poems have been published in Daphne Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, District Lit, Burningwordand others.