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Spring 2024

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Rust & Moth: Winter 2023

Winter 2023

Autumn 2023 Cover: A raven made of folded black paper

Autumn 2023

Summer 2023 Front Cover - A desert landscape in black and white

Summer 2023

Spring 2023 Cover - A man falling in an infinite void

Spring 2023

Rust & Moth Winter 2022 Front Cover

Winter 2022

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Winter 2023 in Print: Nuur Throth

Rust & Moth’s Winter 2023 issue is now available in print! These quiet, solstice-dark pieces rumble with buried light. Here lie bodies on fire, faerie ships, and ribs striking flint on steel.

With new poetry from Sarah Carleton, Katy Luxem, Katherine Norton, Avery Yoder-Wells, Nathaniel J Brown, Laurie Koensgen, John L. Stanizzi, Adeline Navarro, Carla Sarett, Anna Elkins, Heather Qin, Ana María Carbonell, Carolyn Williams-Noren, Caleb F. Stocco, Sarah Mills, Faith Allington, Charles Hensler, Ken Craft, Christopher Shipman, Erin Covey-Smith, Frank Paino, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Raina K. Puels, Suzanne Langlois, Mary Simmons, Johanna DeMay, Christina Kallery, Laurie Klein, and Sascha Cohen.

Find these and other poems at our new home on Bluesky!