rust & Moth Summer 2024 Front Cover, painted squares over a red textured background

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Summer 2024

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Summer 2023 Front Cover - A desert landscape in black and white

Summer 2023

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Spring 2023

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Summer 2024 is Live

Rust & Moth’s Summer 2024 issue is live! This collection burns like a red flare on a rainy highway. Crack these pages for jackknifed lines of life, death, and decisions made.

Featuring new work from Lea Marshall, Lucy Rumble, Andy Young, Ken Hines, and more, we’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building toward a finalized print edition this June. Join us online as the issue unfolds!

Spring 2024 in Print: Hēmikrania

Rust & Moth’s Spring 2024 issue is now available in print! These poems squint and strain through mist, through migraines, through floorboards, through closed blinds, blizzards, and grief unseen. What strange and luminescent creatures await us in the fog?

With new poetry from Nathan Manley, Krysten Hill, Allison Blevins, Lizzy Ke Polishan, Kylan Tatum, Stephen May, Rishi Janakiraman, Carson Wolfe, John Paul Caponigro, Tess Liegeois, Connor Watkins-Xu, Emma Harrington, Aaron Sandberg, Stefanie Leigh, Michelle Donahue, William Palmer, Suzanne Langlois, Jennifer Skogen, Aiman Tahir Khan, Ron Stottlemyer, Rosie Hong, Hannah L.D., Laura Tanenbaum, Susanna Stephens, Jackie Craven, Jennifer L Freed, Tanima, Richard Gallagher, Dilys Wyndham Thomas, Chris Talbott, Jennifer Fischer Davis, Karen McAferty Morris, Gary McDowell, and John Walser.

Find these and other poems on Bluesky. Also, ePub readers! We’re excited to announce the unveiling of our new free ePub format, which will accompany every print release going forward. Spring 2024 awaits you on Kindle and other e-readers.