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Spring 2019 is Live

Rust + Moth’s Spring 2019 issue now rises from the depths! With new work from such poets as Suzanne Langlois, Arah Ko, Emily Schultz, and John L. Stanizzi, this ominous volume is an treatise on water, fluidity, and thirst.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building momentum toward a finalized print edition in March. As always, join us online as the issue gathers steam.

Winter 2018 in Print: The Catchfly Window

Rust + Moth’s Winter 2018 issue is now out in print! These poems are liminal, evening-dark, and determined. Come leaf through the year’s last pages and take notes when you can — this is a graduate-level class on how to carry a silence.

With new poetry from Tanya Singh, Brandon Melendez, Kristy Bowen, Reilly D. Cox, Kanika Lawton, Keith Carver, Aldo Amparán, John Sweet, Yuan Changming, Jennifer Wolkin, Darren C. Demaree, Mariya (Masha) Deykute, Anthony Lawrence, D.W. Struthers, Luisana Cortez, Catherine Rockwood, Emily Paige Wilson, Ron Stottlemyer, Emily Tuttle, and Jen Stewart Fueston.

Also available on Kindle.