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Autumn 2020 is Live

Rust + Moth’s Autumn 2020 issue is live! With new work from such writers as Gaia Rajan, John Amen, Jennifer Chiu, and Renee Agatep, this issue does its level best to wrest language back from the ashes. These pieces own themselves, they resist simplicity, and, in a singularly tempest-tossed year, they each lift a lamp to knock upon the golden door.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building momentum toward a finalized print edition in September. Check your voter registration, then join us online as the issue unfolds!

All profits from this issue will be donated to the Movement for Black Lives.

Summer 2020 in Print: Rage, Rage Against

Rust + Moth’s Summer 2020 issue is now available in print! This issue reads like an empty city thoroughfare. We offer it up during this troubled season with commingled grief and wonder.

With new poetry from Jane Zwart, Taylor Hamann, Martha Silano, Judy Kaber, Vismai Rao, Tara Kustermann, Marc Alan Di Martino, James W. Gaynor, Ivan Acero, Jen Finstrom, Tiffany Babb, Benjamin Aleshire, Iretomiwa Xaron, Claudia M. Stanek, Guy Elston, Daniel Fuller, Divyasri Krishnan, Clare Welsh, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Shadya Abu-Naim, Crystal Condakes Karlberg, Will Cordeiro, Adam Grabowski, Anastasia Vassos, and Ellie Gomero.

Good luck out there, everyone.