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Autumn 2022 in Print: A Doll’s House

Rust and Moth’s Autumn 2022 issue is now available in print! This issue is unavoidably present. In the present tense, tense, and a gift by any other name, these poems explore the pain and wonder of being here, now.

With new poetry from Jessica Berry, Fiona Jin, Emily Patterson, Hannah Schoettmer, Melissa McKinstry, Nathan Manley, Julie Weiss, Molly Greer, Ciaran McDermott, Lorna Martin, Eugene O’Hare, Susan L. Leary, HLR, Tammy Greenwood, Ron Stottlemyer, Frances Boyle, Ben Groner III, Katie Kemple, Mimi Yang, Hayley Bowen, Anna Laura Reeve, Allisa Cherry, Janice Northerns, Matthew Murrey, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Lindsay Clark, Jared Beloff, and Sarah A. Etlinger.