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Summer 2019 is Live

Rust + Moth’s Summer 2019 issue is live! With new work from such writers as Alice Pettway, E.A. Petricone, Marie Baléo, and Imran Khan, these poems excavate and lift up the past. Here you will find sarcophagi, nucleic acid, multiple tornadoes, and burning incense — all things beating back against the current as they rise.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building momentum toward a finalized print edition in June. Join us online as the issue unfolds!

Spring 2019 in Print: Aqueduct

Rust + Moth’s Spring 2019 issue now rises from the depths! This ominous volume, now available in print and on Kindle, is a treatise on fluidity, thirst, and water.

With new poetry from Ann V. DeVilbiss, John L. Stanizzi, Hannah Carpino, Robin Moss, Rhiannon Conley, Michael Martella, Adelina Sarkisyan, Patricia Caspers, Spencer Riggi, Natalie Solmer, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Vincent Petruccelli, Diana Clark, Theo LeGro, Mary Hanrahan, Arah Ko, Julia Roth, Theadora Siranian, Ben Togut, Emry Trantham, Emily Schultz, Steven Duong, and Suzanne Langlois.

In memory of the great Sharon Mansfield. Every student should be so lucky to have had a teacher like you.