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Winter 2017 is Live

A strange and lit-up mind once said, “I am the living, whispered warning in the Roman general’s ear: ‘Glory is fleeting.’ And in that verb – that active verb ‘fleeting’ – there I live, there I reside.”

So too does Rust + Moth’s Winter 2017 issue, just unveiled! With new work from poets such as G. J. Sanford, Ginger Hanchey, Molly Davidson, and Phillip Watts Brown, these pages rustle with fleeting, moment-to-moment glory.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building momentum toward a finalized print edition in December. In the meantime, we invite you to dive deep and travel down the rabbit hole at speed.

Autumn 2017 in Print: A Broken Spiral

Rust + Moth Autumn 2017 is here! Follow the bread crumbs — these spiral pages carry broken homes on their backs. You can read this strangely cohesive collection on our website or purchase a physical copy.

With new poetry from Chera Hammons, Samuel Hughes, Jon Riccio, Maggie Fern, Laura Filion, Kieran Collier, Aden Thomas, Mitchell King, Kari Astillero, Suzanne Langlois, Michael Wayne Hampton, Erin Jin Mei O’Malley, Brian Cordell, Amorak Huey, Joshua Lee Martin, Lauren Yates, Elspeth Jensen, and Nicole Stockburger.