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Summer 2018 in Print: Ten Years and Counting

Ten years. Ten dizzy trips around the sun. Forty seasons, hundreds of authors, and the singular gift of poetry, flagged down and rebroadcast from the nearest moon tower.

Rust + Moth’s ten-year anniversary issue is now available in print! Featuring our favorite poems from our first decade as a journal, this special Summer 2018 issue features a litany of surprises for our beloved contributors and readers.

With poetry from Hannah Dellabella, Meghan Bliss, Tammy Robacker, Brittany Adames, Moriah Pearson, J.A. Batty, Katie Gleason, Chloe Stricklin, Liz Hogan, Monica Lewis, María Isabel Alvarez, Avery M. Guess, Lauren Yates, Emily Corwin, Erin Marie Hall, Kristen Case, Torrin Greathouse, Kevin Casey, Denise Rodriguez, Estlin Thomas, Isabella Black, Salvatore Attardo, Sergio Ortiz, Matthew Payne, Chera Hammons, Suzanne Langlois, Mary Alice Endicott, Matty Layne, M. Brett Gaffney, Tasha Graff, Sarah Nix, Jacqueline Sabbagh, Patrick Venturella, Brian D. Morrison, Hannah Kroonblawd, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Tyler Kline, Tom Carrigan, and Vanessa Bissereth.

Ten years and counting, dear readers… this one’s for ya’ll. Thank you for being our mustard seed.

Spring 2018 in Print: Lonely as a Cloud

Rust + Moth’s Spring 2018 issue is now available in print! Come wander with us, high over hill and red vale.

With new poetry from Zoë Fay-Stindt, Elizabeth A. Dear, Lotte Lee Lewis, Catherine Esposito Prescott, Ginna Luck, Jack Martin, Wanda Deglane, Alana Saltz, Jessamine Price, Jack B. Bedell, Sarah Broussard Weaver, Erin Traylor, Kim Welliver, Bobby Steve Baker, Kelly Eastlund, Amber McBride, Kathryn Leland, Sara Brody, Mariel Fechik, Mike Soto, Jackson Burgess, Sherine Gilmour, and Charlotte Covey.