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Spring 2018 is Live

Rust + Moth is pleased to unveil our Spring 2018 issue! With new work from poets such as Sara Brody, Mariel Fechik, Jackson Burgess, and Sherine Gilmour, these lonely pages gather strength as they fly.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building momentum toward a finalized print edition in March. In the meantime, we invite you to wander with us, high over hill and red vale.

Winter 2017 in Print: The Living, Whispered Warning

A strange and sped-up mind once said, “I am the living, whispered warning in the Roman general’s ear: ‘Glory is fleeting.’ And in that verb – that active verb ‘fleeting’ – there I live, there I reside.”

So too does Rust + Moth’s Winter 2017 issue! Find this unusually here-and-now issue on our website or purchase a physical copy.

With new poetry from Ann V. DeVilbiss, Brittany Adames, Twila Newey, Olivia Wall, Ronda Broatch, Matthew Heston, Dana Koster, Nathan Elias, Ashton Kamburoff, Erin Coughlin Hollowell, E.B. Schnepp, Caylie Herrmann, Phillip Watts Brown, Melanie Ritzenthaler, Molly Davidson, AJ Wolff, Jamie McGillen, Ginger Hanchey, and G. J. Sanford.