Spring 2016 in Print:
The Otherness of Spring

Rust + Moth Spring 2016 is now available in print! Featuring a record 41 new poems, this is the heaviest and most diverse issue we’ve ever published. Consider it an apple, full of eureka moments, now falling onto your head from a great height. We are also proud to bring you our journal’s first guest cover, brought to you by the talented Texas artist Sarah Fox! You can read it on our website, buy a physical copy, or download a Kindle edition (only $3).

With new poetry from Darren C. Demaree, John Manuel Arias, Ellen Stone, Jessica Lynn Suchon, Chloe Stricklin, Shani Abramowitz, James Croal Jackson, Ben Meyerson, Sandra Fees, Maximilian Gonzalez, Emily Jaeger, Jamie Lyn Bruce, Scherezade Siobhan, Natalie Homer, Emily Yin, Justin Hamm, Steffi Lang, Karen J. Weyant, Diannely Antigua, Nick Kolakowski, Torrin Greathouse, Emily Corwin, James Ardis, Cathryn Shea, Jason Sears, Melissa Fite Johnson, Rachel Nix, Richard Manly Heiman, Lucy M. Logsdon, Moriah Pearson, Amy Kinsman, Joseph JP Johnson, Mary Lenoir Bond, Bob Carlton, Sarah Clayville, Jason Primm, and John McKernan.