Summer 2016 in Print:
A Burial of Leaves

Rust + Moth Summer 2016 is now available in print! Featuring 32 new poems, this issue surprised us. In strong counterpoint to the easy days of summer, these pages are dark, the blue-dark of summer nights, of grief, of wild flowers and cemeteries. You can read it on our website or buy a physical copy. May it keep your eyes wide open.

With new poetry from Catherine Leigh Reeves, Isaac Williams, Sarah Rolph, Cody Shrum, Kailey Tedesco, David Anthony Sam, Chad Frame, JJ Lynne, Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, Matty Layne, Shelby Dale DeWeese, Rebekah Keaton, Bo Schwabacher, Hillery Stone, John L. Stanizzi, M. Brett Gaffney, Stevie Edwards, Laura Romain, Tessa Withorn, Nicholas Fuenzalida, Dylan Macdonald, Isadora Serrano, Melissa Atkinson Mercer, Adam J. Gellings, Rebecca Eades, Michael Gould, Ava C. Cipri, Emmaline Silverman, Kaytie Rose Thomas, and Alisha Erin Hillam.