Spring 2023 in Print: From a Great Height

Rust & Moth’s Spring 2023 issue is now available in print! This is a collection of vertical movement: rain falling, roots seeking rain, pears leaving branches, and feet lifting from the surface of the Earth.

With new poetry from Aliyah Cotton, Jonathan Lenore Kastin, Reyzl Grace, Annie Stenzel, Maria Surricchio, Kelly Gray, John Amen, Michelle Hendrixson-Miller, Jeff Ewing, Melanie McCabe, William G. Gillespie, Mackenzie Duan, Jingyu Li, B. Fulton Jennes, Emily Jaster, Jennessa Hester, Emily Ruth Verona, Lane Henson, Kent Leatham, Luke Johnson, Rashna Wadia, Dagne Forrest, Gus Peterson, Suzanne Langlois, and Daniel Revach.

You can also find full-length poems from the issue at Post, our new social media outlet: post.news/@rustandmoth