Summer 2023 in Print: A Constellation of Ignited Eyes

Rust & Moth’s Summer 2023 issue is now available in print! These pages roam the parchment of the west in search of life-sustaining water. Here you’ll find meditations on regret, the wisdom of desert fathers, and experiments with form, easier to see now that the water is gone.

Featuring new work from Andi Myles, Inkyoo Lee, John Philip Johnson, Amy Thatcher, Denise Bundred, Sergio Ortiz, Lane Falcon, Robin Turner, Jules Jacob, B. A. Jansen, Jennifer Greenwood, Francis Walsh, Lana Crossman, Pamela Wax, Beth Boylan, Gabriella Garcia, Nathan Erwin, Dana J. Graef, Merrie Snell, Ron Stottlemyer, Alecia Beymer, Arielle Kaplan, Michael Rogner, Nadia Arioli, Evan Wang, Laura Vogt, Richard Jordan, Andrea Krause, Laurie Klein, John Delaney, Michael Bazzett, Lisa Rhoades, and Carina Solis.
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