20/20 Lexicon

Author: (n.) a primate who strikes bargains with words
Breath: (n.) an afterthought until it’s not
Currency: (n.) cousin to current, it’s meant to flow
Danger: (v.) torn from angels, born of anger
Empty: (v.) introduces a present absence
Faith: (n.) is a wicker cage holding invisible birds
Grind: (v.) is a word that skulks between your molars
Hearth: (n.) heart married earth and fire was born
Infinite: (n.) a word extending beyond its first and last letter
Joke: (n.) a staircase descending upward
Knife: (v.) introduces a cutting presence
Listen: (v.) the most useful rearrangement of silent
Maturation: (n.) masturbation with the B.S. removed
No: (n.) how cats say “I love you”
Onion: (n.) a translucent root full of tears
Permanent: (adj.) is what nothing is
Poetry: (n.) a virus that makes us see ghosts
Quibble: (v.) when neither side wishes to bite, so both nibble
Remember: (v.) opposite of dismember
Subtext: (n.) the weird basement beneath the book
Tuber: (v.) just say it out loud, you know what it is
Uvula: (n.) sounds like a genital, but it’s not
Violin: (n.) wooden exoskeleton for yearning
Winter: (n.) when seeds play dead and dream of trees
Xenophobia: (n.) now available in concertina wire
Yes: (n.) how dogs say “I love you”
Zoom: (n.) sworn reversal of the Muse, see also: Hell