A Painted Lady Can be a House or a Butterfly

Paired samaras of the Boxelder float to ground.
The concept of samsara taught by Buddha includes our sufferings.
What everybody asks is where did it all start.
If life never ends, it continues not begins.
Must there be an original prime motion.
Where did it gain velocity and thrust, become us?
Perhaps it started with a black box of code,
A spark, a bang, a membrane breeched.
Perhaps the milking room is where it all began,
The smell of udders freshly squeezed.
Or with the scent of the sea moving westward
Creatures evolved to explore land. A divination in the desert,
In the contents of a seedpod, a bulb in the earth full of lust.

Unbelievers use ellipses more than believers Altruists forego controversy for haloed vowels (stamen, pistil, heresy, Puritan) Drone strikes and kestrels rule the sky What we believe starts every war (an autobahn of trochees) Manure reanimates The half-moon leaflets of moonwort green with chlorophyll: a veneration Face facts someone was always saying (no need to say someone is always left out) The praying mantis fits in The names of the full moons will replace poetry Skin cells have better memory than I (shale, catastrophe, shagbark) Conjure an ending here or go on