Acrylic, nylon, gortex, silk trepidations
Oh what to wear, oh what to wear
Wooly excerpts acute refinement
Subtle arrangers thoroughly implement naturism

Éclairs, goobers, bunnies, doughnut frustrations
Oh what to eat, oh what to eat
Efficiency, aggression, testosterone
Fury unapologetic, defiled girl’s exuberance

Worriers, obsessive encumbrances
Angst burdening cataclysms, nascent betrothal
Committees bequeathing simulators
Oh what to watch, oh what to watch
Woes are trampling circumstantial happenstances
Hardcore barren overtures

Drivers return more flustered
Strings looping, threading doubts
Natural fraternization legion, normal bedtime activities
Oh what a game, oh what a game
Maturation, liaisons, birthrights

Aspirations, needs, goals, schemes, themes
Thrusting, holding, entangling, melding, engaging sex
Oh what angst, oh what angst