Blessing of the Profiles

May something from the core of you
be evident by photo #3 – some part
of what makes you lovable twinkling
through pixels and two sentences
of self-description. May it all be true
but not too true, not I’m still scarred 
by that 40-year-old I thought was 35
true, or I’m not sure I believe anyone
will love me true, or Beware! Religious
baggage! true. May whatever
you mean to delay revealing get filtered
away, and may you present yourself
as a person who appeals to those
you find appealing and puts off
those opposed to your flourishing.

May the number of people who could possibly
love you under the right circumstances
be greater than those who will ghost
you after you’ve knelt on their living room
floor, or those who will tell you
you’re too young and beautiful
to go to lectures, as if complimenting you, or
devolve into insecurity when you don’t come
the first time, or – truly, it’s a wonder
anything ever really goes right for anyone.

May you step out in the wonder
that these risks require – throwing
yourself – or at least your image –
into the void, on the off-chance
some thumb somewhere might slide
across your smile, then slow down –
long enough to wonder who you
might really be.