Get Wet, Will You?

Yes, he’s a bit younger
And has narrow shoulders

He takes a sip and then spits

Yes, it was dripping down his chin
Some carbonated soft drink from the vending machine
Or spits watermelon seeds over the fence

The night came
The tiles were icy
I suffered

I wanted to sit on a plastic chair

He stops to say
Your body is like a soft pretzel
At the end I will put my hand under your shirt

I think about older men
And their hair

Alen’s hair was like dolls’

I tried to imagine it

Suddenly I can see myself on a hood of a car

I see him too
This young man with narrow shoulders
Pissing by the street

Just a few meters far from
the smashed vehicle

I am staring at the pleats on his shorts

He is amazing
Surrounded by violet
Lightning and weed
Parts of body and pieces
of clothes