I often remember
Laying in the grass and
Looking into the sky
With my dog.
Howling at the moon
And wishing upon a star
Are really the same thing.
We both hoped
Someone could hear us.

a pile of small rocks
can be quite heavy.
sometimes a little faith,
a few deep breaths,
and a sweet melody
can make the time go by
a little smoother.

Old woman,
why do you weep
for the dead?
The young are lost.
They need your
wisdom and
your guidance.

He is coming to bring us a new life
I am not sure who he is
or when he will come
or what he will look like
but I know.
I know because a new song
I have never heard before
creeps its way into my lonely mind.
I am becoming hopeful,
and am losing interest in my life
I make excuses to leave
so I can look into the sky
for hours at a time.
The song is growing louder all the time.