As part of our mission to present exciting, innovative, and creative works of art in varied form, we offer a new series: Spotlight…

This online series will be published on special occasions when we find an artist whose work is especially captivating and fresh. It allows us an opportunity to comprehensively survey the catalogue of an artist, focusing more intimately upon his or her work, life, and unique perspective. Even more, the Spotlight series affords us the ability to present works in a variety of media that may not otherwise fit in our quarterly poetry journal.

In this first Spotlight, we take a detailed look at Janet Reeves, an illustrative artist working on digital canvas. We sat down with her for a conversation over coffee here in Austin, Texas and discussed her work. In the following pages, you will see not only selections of her artwork, but her words as we captured them that afternoon in a casual conversational setting.

We trust that you not only will enjoy the caliber of art that Janet displays, but that you’ll get a more intimate sense of her personality and perspective on art. There is no doubt that she is a tremendously talented graphic design artist and illustrator who offers inspiring images and imaginative designs. And, we are honored to shine our Spotlight on Janet Reeves.

Matthew Payne