Dry white maggots Thin dry maggots
The cleft rock new splashed with powdered limestone
Teeth parts on the marble path up the hill
Two doves at winged sex on goose-daubed straw
A clutch of salt-colored eggs in their nest
Feathers floating everywhere their see-through
          rainbow quilt colors
White maggots sliding into dew particles
Corpses resting underground Quiet as a painting
Doors sealed with bleached jawbone
Thick white sandals Thin white sandal straps
The strings of a harp in sunlight Each note
leaping up the seven marble stairs
Tinkle flash of leper bell A huge white
shadow wrapped around his or her body
The hair of goats The beards of old men
Mist of white pollen in dust of powdered sand
The braids of the albino Her pink eyes
Goat’s milk in a wood bucket The ladle
          floating in bubbles of sunlit foam
A woman said the tomb was empty &
          the cloth used to tie the broken jaw shut
          was found on the floor Folded neatly