There He Was (Looking

there he was (looking
for traces of you),
watching the faces
of strangers (watching
for your eyes among them),
looking for the shade
of your hair or the way
you pulled it back
behind your ear,
looking for the colors
of the clothes you wore
(he could see these
colors everywhere),
in the worn paint on houses,
in street signs,
in leaves, in the sunset,
in the night.

even now (months later),
he remembers (everything).

he walks the streets.
he walks in the park.
he walks by the church
(all places he walked with you).
he traces the steps he took.

and, when he returns
to the (empty) hours of his room,
he reads the letters you wrote.
(he reads them again).
he looks over every word, and tries
to hear your voice writing them.

in this way, he remembers you.
(the touch of your hand).
this is his ceremony. this is how
he holds your vanished love.