Traveling Light (For Once)

i captured an angel
palming him gently in my dominant hand,
spectral metallic high beams
point to the eaves and clear out the cobwebs.
pleasure center receptors pulse with the muse of confusion.

i know now that recovery was coming down
toward me like a sheer canopy,
sleep was waiting to sew me into the blanket.
the cement dried, the asteroid hit
a crisis blur, a slow and careful healing.

i am always happiest when i have
two of everything.
between them i was the clotted cream
the icing, the cherry cordial
folded in to crème brûlée, to chocolate grease
thick liqueur, a bad tincture, oozing out its amber spill.
veins through it, a Smithsonian fossil
a quantum memory of an alternate me.

Bedouin, wolf-woman, star-worshipper, wandering Jew
i placed my limp body, my physical life,
on the swiveling loom of the earth experience
where i gutted my wish, rebuilt it from the inside out,
and wove the unicorn tapestries out of matter i still cannot name.
destroyed the parasite killjoy of terminal dissatisfaction
which was riding on my arm.

the arbiter of the singularity
stepped into the pool with me,
high on LSD
in windy acres of apricot flowers;
she’s wearing pastel blossoms, sheer chiffon
and my every move is guided by the gauntlet.
at my best i am dancing,
shuffling lightly just above the mortal coil.