Untitled #2

Presenting Clock eater,
        The Destroyer of the space between seconds
        A Seeking Soul of bliss
        Another Metaphor Made Man

“I always eat from the grave of my disappointments at least once a
week,” he would chuckle
while laying in the grass, claiming he could feel the earth grow shallow,
but when he discovered he could keep footprints in a jar underneath his bed
he grew excited by their permanence

yet tragically he soon learned that the Sea would always come to take them
and he could not contain how broken he it made him feel
to spend so many years carving out real clever holes for hiding them
in the ‘going ons’ of his life in between

no matter what though,
every time the door would knock his heart would startle
because he knew that one day there, in his door way, the sea would stand,
hand out stretched in anger demanding the return of his footsteps
explaining that all he could ever own

“was really just borrowed in the first place…”

and over and over this game would go
until a young man turned old
and an old god just turned

and in the fading light of his sunset dust you could catch him
laying in that same patch of grass, croaking
“I always eat from the grave of my disappointments at least once a week”
his eyes focusing on you as if it was the first time he said it
lips quivering while he slips into a glazed cautious wait non-stop

rumor has it that on the day of his death
he opened that door for the last time
and swallowed the jar whole,
while they never found the body
they did find a poem

“I could spin around the outside of a world all silent
and never find a single drop of blood
gone cold like a lantern in repose
or the sick pay for a lighthouse on vacation
and better yet,
how life is just a loose association of the dramatic
a sordid conquest of the real
so I give to this world my blood, sweat, spit and tears,
though I don’t know why…

the best I can figure is I’m just trying to find
this cliff high enough that when I jump
I get to die before I hit the ground

        all of this for a glimpse of the sudden

        all of this for the madness in dreams”