Summer 2022 is Live

Rust + Moth’s Summer 2022 issue is live! Featuring new work from such writers as Christine Barkley, Leo Kang, Chiara Di Lello, and Suzanne Langlois, this issue is all about time – our collaboration with time, its war on us, and what time can do to a country, a language, a family, a home.

We’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building toward a finalized print edition in June. Join us online as the issue unfolds!

Spring 2022 in Print: Dageraad

Rust + Moth’s Spring 2022 issue is now available in print! This issue holds predator and prey a page’s length apart. We invite you to crack open the door of spring that same small distance, or at least cup your hands to the door.

With new poetry from Mary Francesca Fontana, Susan Cossette, Leah Claire Kaminski, Ayrton Lopez, David Donna, Konstantinos Patrinos, Kimberly Ann Priest, Rachel Marie Patterson, Theodore Eisenberg, Merna Dyer Skinner, Lucia Owen, Elizabeth Pierson, Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí, Mo Fowler, Brenda Edgar, Amy Williams, Theresa Burns, Natalie Marino, Angeline Schellenberg, Maggie Greaves, Matthew J. Andrews, Regina Cassese, Lea Page, Diana Whitney, Mia Bell, John L. Stanizzi, William Doreski, Melissa Anne, Michael Quinn, Cameron Morse, Brendan Bense, Sher Ting, Emily Franklin, and Tiel Aisha Ansari.

Winter 2021 in Print: The Endless Year

Rust + Moth’s Winter 2021 issue is now available in print! This crepuscular issue cries out to what we’ve lost over the horizon. Join these talented writers as they sing out the endless year.

With new poetry from Ellen Stone, Kindall Fredricks, Becki Hawkes, Suzanne Langlois, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Calvin Olsen, Samantha Padgett, Melanie McCabe, Jill Kitchen, Richard Lister, Danae Younge, Catherine Ormell, Alex Vigue, Cassy Dorff, Katherine Hagopian Berry, Callie S. Blackstone, Kevin Grauke, Marc Alan Di Martino, Carla Chinski, Jack Rockwell, Laura Reece Hogan, Jed Myers, Elizabeth Steinglass, Shannan Mann, Romana Iorga, Stefanie Kirby, Charles Kell, Alicia Elkort, Melissa Tuckman, Art Nahill, and Gregory Wolff.

Pushcart 2021

The Pushcart Prize honors the best of America’s small presses, and Rust and Moth’s nominations are in the mail! Please enjoy these fantastic pieces from our 2021 nominees.

Pushcart Prize

Autumn 2021 in Print: Shinrin-yoku

Rust and Moth’s Autumn 2021 issue is now available in print! These many poems glow with a strong memory of place. Crunching leaves, ghostly streetlights, burning lines in the earth and the people who cross them.

With new poetry from Jamie Sullivan, Ella Bartlett, Pepper Cunningham, Jory Mickelson, Meghan Sterling, Issa M. Lewis, Heather Truett, Tresha Faye Haefner, Wesley Wang, Sheila Wellehan, Barbara Daniels, Paul David Adkins, Nadine Klassen, Lucia Owen, Somendra Singh Kharola, Joshua McKinney, Nancy Hightower, Audrey Gidman, Nat Dodd, Zoe Cunniffe, Claire Drucker, Brittany Atkinson, Alexandra Munck, Rachel Chen, Alain Goulbourne, Sarah Carey, David Higdon, Isabel Su, Lorrie Ness, Dilys Wyndham Thomas, Michael Quinn, Lynne Schmidt, and Lynne Thompson, Poet Laureate for the City of Los Angeles.

All profits from this issue will be split evenly and donated to the Texas Equal Access Fund, Clinic Access Support Network, Frontera Fund, Fund Texas Choice, Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center, Jane’s Due Process, the Lilith Fund, The Bridge Collective, and West Fund. Abortion is health care and Texas is where our journal was born.

Best of the Net 2021

The Best of the Net Anthology gives well-deserved recognition to authors and journals who publish online. Our nominations are off, and Rust and Moth is proud to announce our 2021 nominees!

Best of the Net Anthology

Summer 2021 in Print: Enantios

Rust and Moth Summer 2021 is now available in print! This giant of an issue pulls no punches. Crack the page and lift a glass to the selves we’ve had to leave behind, over oceans, over time, through violence, storms, and survival.

With new poetry from Michael Quinn, Sarah Yang, Rebekah M. Devine, Rita Feinstein, Keshe Chow, Dani Putney, Heidi Seaborn, Bill Siegel, Rosa Canales, Judy Kaber, Katie Gleason, Yvanna Vien Tica, Anthony Immergluck, Samyuktha Iyer, Nathaniel Buckingham, Meg McCarney, Monica Cure, Joan Kwon Glass, Christianne Goodwin, Katie Li, Ron Stottlemyer, Hannah Senicar, James Diaz, Maud Welch, Raphael Jenkins, Beverly Summa, Doug Bolling, Lane Fields, Ellen Austin-Li, Sarah Bridgins, and Elisabeth Adwin Edwards.

Spring 2021 in Print: Ommatidium

Rust + Moth’s Spring 2021 issue is now available in print! This issue plants its feet firmly in the past. Here, the moon rises in the west, and bright memories wage war upon a dark and blighted year.

With new poetry from Suzanne Langlois, Dana Blatte, Matthew Schultz, Lindsay Hargrave, Karla Daly, Shannon K. Winston, Jeffrey Haskey-Valerius, Becki Hawkes, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Yasmeen Eliana Namazie, Adam Day, Christopher Blackman, Nikita Bhardwaj, Stacy R. Nigliazzo, Michael Goodfellow, Daniel B. Summerhill, Brett Cortelletti, Vikram Masson, Justin Groppuso-Cook, Jake Bailey, Nicole Markert, Matt McBride, Naomi Ling, William Welch, Serrina Zou, Kim Logan, Leigh Camacho Rourks, Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Khalisa Rae, and John L. Stanizzi.

Winter 2020 in Print: The River Man

Rust + Moth’s Winter 2020 issue is now available in print. These are quiet, dawn-dark pages, meant for early morning walks, pocketed grief, and deep breaths in before beginning anew.

With new poetry from Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Sheila Dong, Suraj Nanu, Darby Joyce, Anthony Aguero, Grace Q. Song, Taylor Lauren Davis, Aneska Tan, Emma Miao, Alanna Offield, Ann V. DeVilbiss, Eliza Browning, Christina Miles, Amanda Auchter, Elizabeth Vignali, Kandala Singh, Ashley Hajimirsadeghi, Michele Penn Diaz, Theresa Senato Edwards, Lucia Owen, Joan Kwon Glass, Alexandra Savage, Jean Theron, Caithlin Ng, and Aiden Heung.

R+M is also excited to announce that our print issues will now be released through the print service Lulu. We’ve been using Amazon for one-off printing for years, but we were getting increasingly frustrated with the Amazon backend (to say nothing of the sick amount of personal wealth that Bezos made off the pandemic) so we’re relieved to finally find Lulu, who offered us a practical alternative to the unethical and unwieldy giant. Catch our winter issue and a host of wonderful writers, hot off the Lulu presses today!

Pushcart Prize 2020

The Pushcart Prize honors the best of America’s small presses. Our nominations are finally off to Wainscott, NY, and Rust and Moth is proud to announce our 2020 nominees!

What My Father Says About Brooklyn, by Judy Kaber

Heritage Unwound, by Jennifer Chiu

From Childhood, We’ve Known, by Iretomiwa Xaron

Contemplating antinatalism on day two of my period, by Sarah Renee Beach

Speaking Water, by Uma Menon

Leaving, by Jennifer L Freed

With profound thanks to all of our contributors this year. Thanks for reading, and good luck to our nominees!

Autumn 2020 in Print: The Dying of the Light

Rust + Moth’s Autumn 2020 issue is now available in print! This issue does its level best to wrest language back from the ashes. These pieces own themselves, they resist simplicity, and they rise like lions.

With new poetry from Renee Agatep, Phil Goldstein, Annie Phan, Kashvi Chandok, Kristian Macaron, Adam Gianforcaro, Tyler M Michaud, Jennifer Chiu, Elane Kim, Stefan White, Corine Huang, Caleb Curtiss, Ali Nuri, Katherine Fallon, Maria Isabel Pachón, Cynthia Atkins, Nancy Hightower, T Dallas Saylor, Jennifer L Freed, Uma Menon, Michael Steffen, Gaia Rajan, Ron Stottlemyer, Sarah Renee Beach, John Amen, Melanie Robinson, Probal Basak, Sasha Wade, Sarah Elkins, Hiya Chowdhury, Molly Reitman, Tiffany Wu, Audrey Gradzewicz, Terry Tierney, and Abigail Swoboda.

If you anticipate waiting in a long line to vote this fall, we invite you to take these pages with you. Also available on Kindle. All profits from this issue will be donated to the Movement for Black Lives.

Good luck out there, everyone.

Best of the Net 2020

The Best of the Net Anthology gives well-deserved recognition to authors and journals who publish online. Our nominations are off, and Rust and Moth is proud to announce our 2020 nominees!

Best of the Net Anthology

Summer 2020 in Print: Rage, Rage Against

Rust + Moth’s Summer 2020 issue is now available in print! This issue reads like an empty city thoroughfare. We offer it up during this troubled season with commingled grief and wonder.

With new poetry from Jane Zwart, Taylor Hamann, Martha Silano, Judy Kaber, Vismai Rao, Tara Kustermann, Marc Alan Di Martino, James W. Gaynor, Ivan Acero, Jen Finstrom, Tiffany Babb, Benjamin Aleshire, Iretomiwa Xaron, Claudia M. Stanek, Guy Elston, Daniel Fuller, Divyasri Krishnan, Clare Welsh, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Shadya Abu-Naim, Crystal Condakes Karlberg, Will Cordeiro, Adam Grabowski, Anastasia Vassos, and Ellie Gomero.

Good luck out there, everyone.

Winter 2019 in Print: Watching the Ghost Dissolve

Rust + Moth’s Winter 2019 issue is now available in print! These pages break without bending. On the eve of a dark and critical year, may this fistful of wildflowers flow free through your blood.

With new poetry from Jeri Theriault, Maggie Blake Bailey, Michael Garrigan, Chelsea Hansen, Adam Levon Brown, Al Ortolani, Layla Lenhardt, James Adams, January Pearson, Marisa P. Clark, Rebecca Hawkes, Sheila Wellehan, Brooke Matejka, Cynthia Lu, Kathryn de Lancellotti, Christina Maria Kosch, Jeni De La O, Susan Trofimow, Ron Stottlemyer, Stuart Royle, Joshua Gage, Marc Frazier, Seth Jani, Veronica Kornberg, Leonard Orr, Laurel Radzieski, Clara Trippe, Amee Nassrene Broumand, David Ruekberg, and David Hanlon.

Best of the Net & Pushcart Nominees 2019

The Best of the Net Anthology gives well-deserved recognition to authors and journals who publish online, and the Pushcart Prize honors the best of America’s small presses. Our nominations are off, and Rust and Moth is proud to announce our 2019 nominees!

Best of the Net Anthology

Pushcart Prize

We invite you to take a deep dive into these poems and then explore the larger work of the writers who penned them. It took us weeks to distill these eleven pieces from the many wonderful poems we published in the last twelve months — thank you to all of our contributors for making this such a difficult decision. And good luck to our nominees!