Summer 2024 is Live

Rust & Moth’s Summer 2024 issue is live! This collection burns like a red flare on a rainy highway. Crack these pages for jackknifed lines of life, death, and decisions made.

Featuring new work from Lea Marshall, Lucy Rumble, Andy Young, Ken Hines, and more, we’ll be publishing new poems online every week and building toward a finalized print edition this June. Join us online as the issue unfolds!

Spring 2024 in Print: Hēmikrania

Rust & Moth’s Spring 2024 issue is now available in print! These poems squint and strain through mist, through migraines, through floorboards, through closed blinds, blizzards, and grief unseen. What strange and luminescent creatures await us in the fog?

With new poetry from Nathan Manley, Krysten Hill, Allison Blevins, Lizzy Ke Polishan, Kylan Tatum, Stephen May, Rishi Janakiraman, Carson Wolfe, John Paul Caponigro, Tess Liegeois, Connor Watkins-Xu, Emma Harrington, Aaron Sandberg, Stefanie Leigh, Michelle Donahue, William Palmer, Suzanne Langlois, Jennifer Skogen, Aiman Tahir Khan, Ron Stottlemyer, Rosie Hong, Hannah L.D., Laura Tanenbaum, Susanna Stephens, Jackie Craven, Jennifer L Freed, Tanima, Richard Gallagher, Dilys Wyndham Thomas, Chris Talbott, Jennifer Fischer Davis, Karen McAferty Morris, Gary McDowell, and John Walser.

Find these and other poems on Bluesky. Also, ePub readers! We’re excited to announce the unveiling of our new free ePub format, which will accompany every print release going forward. Spring 2024 awaits you on Kindle and other e-readers.

Winter 2023 in Print: Nuur Throth

Rust & Moth’s Winter 2023 issue is now available in print! These quiet, solstice-dark pieces rumble with buried light. Here lie bodies on fire, faerie ships, and ribs striking flint on steel.

With new poetry from Sarah Carleton, Katy Luxem, Katherine Norton, Avery Yoder-Wells, Nathaniel J Brown, Laurie Koensgen, John L. Stanizzi, Adeline Navarro, Carla Sarett, Anna Elkins, Heather Qin, Ana María Carbonell, Carolyn Williams-Noren, Caleb F. Stocco, Sarah Mills, Faith Allington, Charles Hensler, Ken Craft, Christopher Shipman, Erin Covey-Smith, Frank Paino, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Raina K. Puels, Suzanne Langlois, Mary Simmons, Johanna DeMay, Christina Kallery, Laurie Klein, and Sascha Cohen.

Find these and other poems at our new home on Bluesky!

2024 Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Pushcart Prize honors the best of America’s small presses, and Rust and Moth’s nominations are in the mail! Please enjoy these fantastic pieces from this year’s nominees.

Black paintings, by Lisa Bickmore

Magdalene, by Amy Thatcher

Abecedarian For My Grandmother’s Missing Toe, by Arielle Kaplan

20/20 Lexicon, by Michael Bazzett

Going Home, by Suzanne Langlois

Peeled Apples, by Carly Wheelehan Gelsinger

Autumn 2023 in Print: Black Paper

Rust & Moth’s Autumn 2023 issue is now available in print! This one is a study in long-form — with deeper breaths before each piece, line-lengths that stretch for the horizon, and growing fear for the future and its weather. All of this in the service of an old and glowing collection of orchids, scales, roots, apples, ashes, paper… and feathers.

With new poetry from Ronnie Sirmans, Jingyu Li, Smile Ximai Jiang, Richelle Buccilli, Margie Duncan, Michelle Ott, Arlene DeMaris, Victoria Melekian, Amy Lin, Alexandra Romero, Carly Wheelehan Gelsinger, Cecil Morris, Callie S. Blackstone, Isaiah Newman, Lisa Bickmore, Siddharth Dasgupta, Barbara Daniels, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Jonathan Frey, Ziyi Yan, Julián David Bañuelos, George Chang, Linda Laderman, Jason R. Montgomery, Andrew Alexander Mobbs, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, Eugene Datta, JC Alfier, Iris Rosenberg, Scott Ferry, Kimberly Ann Priest, John Powers, Judy Kaber, and Jillian Clasky. Find these and other poems at our new home on Bluesky!

Summer 2023 in Print: A Constellation of Ignited Eyes

Rust & Moth’s Summer 2023 issue is now available in print! These pages roam the parchment of the west in search of life-sustaining water. Here you’ll find meditations on regret, the wisdom of desert fathers, and experiments with form, easier to see now that the water is gone.

Featuring new work from Andi Myles, Inkyoo Lee, John Philip Johnson, Amy Thatcher, Denise Bundred, Sergio Ortiz, Lane Falcon, Robin Turner, Jules Jacob, B. A. Jansen, Jennifer Greenwood, Francis Walsh, Lana Crossman, Pamela Wax, Beth Boylan, Gabriella Garcia, Nathan Erwin, Dana J. Graef, Merrie Snell, Ron Stottlemyer, Alecia Beymer, Arielle Kaplan, Michael Rogner, Nadia Arioli, Evan Wang, Laura Vogt, Richard Jordan, Andrea Krause, Laurie Klein, John Delaney, Michael Bazzett, Lisa Rhoades, and Carina Solis.
We’re also trying out a brand new home on social media. If you’re able, please look for us at Bluesky!

Spring 2023 in Print: From a Great Height

Rust & Moth’s Spring 2023 issue is now available in print! This is a collection of vertical movement: rain falling, roots seeking rain, pears leaving branches, and feet lifting from the surface of the Earth.

With new poetry from Aliyah Cotton, Jonathan Lenore Kastin, Reyzl Grace, Annie Stenzel, Maria Surricchio, Kelly Gray, John Amen, Michelle Hendrixson-Miller, Jeff Ewing, Melanie McCabe, William G. Gillespie, Mackenzie Duan, Jingyu Li, B. Fulton Jennes, Emily Jaster, Jennessa Hester, Emily Ruth Verona, Lane Henson, Kent Leatham, Luke Johnson, Rashna Wadia, Dagne Forrest, Gus Peterson, Suzanne Langlois, and Daniel Revach.

You can also find full-length poems from the issue at Post, our new social media outlet:

Pushcart 2022

The Pushcart Prize honors the best of America’s small presses, and Rust and Moth’s nominations are in the mail! Please enjoy these fantastic pieces from our 2022 nominees.

Tender Is a Weakness I Keep Repeating, by Ann DeVilbiss

Utah, by Adriano Noble

Aubade for the Body (25), by Phoebe Reeves

Shrub, Blackbirds, Silence, by Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí

Poem that Ends with Garden, by Lauren Elaine Jeter

Domestic, by Lea Page


Autumn 2022 in Print: A Doll’s House

Rust and Moth’s Autumn 2022 issue is now available in print! This issue is unavoidably present. In the present tense, tense, and a gift by any other name, these poems explore the pain and wonder of being here, now.

With new poetry from Jessica Berry, Fiona Jin, Emily Patterson, Hannah Schoettmer, Melissa McKinstry, Nathan Manley, Julie Weiss, Molly Greer, Ciaran McDermott, Lorna Martin, Eugene O’Hare, Susan L. Leary, HLR, Tammy Greenwood, Ron Stottlemyer, Frances Boyle, Ben Groner III, Katie Kemple, Mimi Yang, Hayley Bowen, Anna Laura Reeve, Allisa Cherry, Janice Northerns, Matthew Murrey, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Lindsay Clark, Jared Beloff, and Sarah A. Etlinger.

Update: Form Submissions in June

The Rust and Moth editors recently learned about some technical issues with our submission form. Our in-house submissions manager incorporates elements of Google technology, and it appears that recent updates on Google’s end temporarily disabled the form. Most form submissions from June 17th — June 30th were auto-discarded; emailed submissions during that time were unaffected.

We’ve now responded with a yes or no to every submission we received in June, so if you’re waiting for a response still, it means that your submission wasn’t received. We apologize for the trouble; we know how much care goes into prepping a submission and the inconvenience isn’t lost on us.

We should have everything up and running just fine by our next open reading window, which opens in September. Thanks for thinking of us, and sorry again for the hassle! We hope to read your work next time around.

Summer 2022 in Print: Before the Eye

Rust + Moth’s Summer 2022 issue is now available in print! This issue is about time – our collaboration with it, its war on us, and what time can do to a country, a language, a family, or a home.

With new poetry from Lorraine Carey, Leo Kang, Frank Paino, Nadine Ellsworth-Moran, Sandra Crouch, Sara Fetherolf, David Colodney, Jennifer Saunders, Lauren Nelson, Bethany Reid, Suzanne Langlois, Lily Greenberg, E. Bowers, William Welch, Diana Donovan, Hannah Craig, Cambra Koczkur, Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Kip Knott, Matthew King, Christine Barkley, Annette Sisson, Jeffrey Hermann, Elisheva Fox, Megan Gieske, Michelle Ortega, Eli Shaw, Jennifer L Freed, Chiara Di Lello, and Pamela Manasco.

Spring 2022 in Print: Dageraad

Rust + Moth’s Spring 2022 issue is now available in print! This issue holds predator and prey a page’s length apart. We invite you to crack open the door of spring that same small distance, or at least cup your hands to the door.

With new poetry from Mary Francesca Fontana, Susan Cossette, Leah Claire Kaminski, Ayrton Lopez, David Donna, Konstantinos Patrinos, Kimberly Ann Priest, Rachel Marie Patterson, Theodore Eisenberg, Merna Dyer Skinner, Lucia Owen, Elizabeth Pierson, Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí, Mo Fowler, Brenda Edgar, Amy Williams, Theresa Burns, Natalie Marino, Angeline Schellenberg, Maggie Greaves, Matthew J. Andrews, Regina Cassese, Lea Page, Diana Whitney, Mia Bell, John L. Stanizzi, William Doreski, Melissa Anne, Michael Quinn, Cameron Morse, Brendan Bense, Sher Ting, Emily Franklin, and Tiel Aisha Ansari.

Winter 2021 in Print: The Endless Year

Rust + Moth’s Winter 2021 issue is now available in print! This crepuscular issue cries out to what we’ve lost over the horizon. Join these talented writers as they sing out the endless year.

With new poetry from Ellen Stone, Kindall Fredricks, Becki Hawkes, Suzanne Langlois, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Calvin Olsen, Samantha Padgett, Melanie McCabe, Jill Kitchen, Richard Lister, Danae Younge, Catherine Ormell, Alex Vigue, Cassy Dorff, Katherine Hagopian Berry, Callie S. Blackstone, Kevin Grauke, Marc Alan Di Martino, Carla Chinski, Jack Rockwell, Laura Reece Hogan, Jed Myers, Elizabeth Steinglass, Shannan Mann, Romana Iorga, Stefanie Kirby, Charles Kell, Alicia Elkort, Melissa Tuckman, Art Nahill, and Gregory Wolff.

Pushcart 2021

The Pushcart Prize honors the best of America’s small presses, and Rust and Moth’s nominations are in the mail! Please enjoy these fantastic pieces from our 2021 nominees.

Pushcart Prize

Autumn 2021 in Print: Shinrin-yoku

Rust and Moth’s Autumn 2021 issue is now available in print! These many poems glow with a strong memory of place. Crunching leaves, ghostly streetlights, burning lines in the earth and the people who cross them.

With new poetry from Jamie Sullivan, Ella Bartlett, Pepper Cunningham, Jory Mickelson, Meghan Sterling, Issa M. Lewis, Heather Truett, Tresha Faye Haefner, Wesley Wang, Sheila Wellehan, Barbara Daniels, Paul David Adkins, Nadine Klassen, Lucia Owen, Somendra Singh Kharola, Joshua McKinney, Nancy Hightower, Audrey Gidman, Nat Dodd, Zoe Cunniffe, Claire Drucker, Brittany Atkinson, Alexandra Munck, Rachel Chen, Alain Goulbourne, Sarah Carey, David Higdon, Isabel Su, Lorrie Ness, Dilys Wyndham Thomas, Michael Quinn, Lynne Schmidt, and Lynne Thompson, Poet Laureate for the City of Los Angeles.

All profits from this issue will be split evenly and donated to the Texas Equal Access Fund, Clinic Access Support Network, Frontera Fund, Fund Texas Choice, Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center, Jane’s Due Process, the Lilith Fund, The Bridge Collective, and West Fund. Abortion is health care and Texas is where our journal was born.