(Dirt Weird)

Jumping spiders and New Taiwan Dollars and your uncle in the highgrass, and you’re standing next to patio chairs, dirt weird outside a bakery that only sells uzi rounds. See now: I gave you more hearts, because you’ll lose more hearts.

That Taiwanese lady plated Sunday morning microwavable burgers for you, mailed you currency as souvenir on trips home to find a husband, now she pisses the bed at daybreak. Some evenings her left eyes chooses not to move. She wishes no visitors and that means you.

That is a PTA meeting and they continue on and due to polygon budgets they’re all drinking and eating the same thing: that drink is Nesquik, that food is ham sandwiches with ranch dressing. Though we see the school building we safely assume it no longer operates, though we see their dirt-in-a-cups we safely assume the students no longer operate.

The jumping spiders are not playable characters, the jumping spiders are not available for dialogue, you cannot leave this room until you’ve murdered the jumping spiders.

Your uncle never left the highgrass near the regional medical center. When selected for dialogue, managed to repeat: “Strange… It’s sunny, but it’s raining. The Devil must be beating his wife.”