Helsinki Notes

Entropy snuggles like a hotel cat
behind rimed glass. Every hour I hollow more. Carved out,
dimming in this bitter land. Did I dream the archipelago sea?
The boulevards have shifty names– Kaivokatu, Rautatientori.
Trains speak language I should know. Go there,
they tunnel snarl.
Did you go there?

There wasn’t even time to crawl in Turku. Our tracks
filled quick with lazy snow. Now bony trees erupt
through frost skins. Your breath lumps in my throat.

I would sing this to you, sometime:
Suomi eyes, ice and anthracite. Always whispers.
Locked in yellow houses. Shrouded lives,
blood and stone. Lynx eyes
full of ancient questions.

From the tarmac clouds pile up
like sullen beasts. One is you
or an egret plume.
I finish the vodka, curse the sunset.
Stumble toward the dawn.