If not in sleep, waxed in blood supply—& all
What you thought meaningful & given:

A pillowless ragamuffin in REM-
Sleeping summer bog, bedclothes hiked & twisted

Half-off. While beyond the privacy fence
Slimy earth bulldozed to a voodoo pie
Of semen bathmats, lengths of skin, mangled

Live chicken crates. But by microwave light
The ice-maker clunks, dishwasher jerks on.

Tomorrow’s wake magnetized as the sea.
Night to night you wax in blood supply.

Churning mountains, mulch of scorched latex,
Fungal mattresses, un-baptized organ slough.

How to know heaven so rested on hell.
You rise only a morning to increase

A kingdom. How to know this much heaven
Spurted through sea, hissed with salt, cooled to mass.