Money & Time
as Do Scars You Wear

Free of the men’s room, I weave my way through
Civilization, one widening out
The parking lot & over the vast

American fainting boondocks. Teeth-check,
Zipper-check, hair re-tousled. My best to you

& that weathered social drinker you’re with.
How can I spend my day like you. Nameless
Citizens making vines of two bodies.

Then the dream of it—the kids were watching
& your spouse showed up. If you strip your eyes
Off my wife you might see about you more

Childhoods inverted in well drinks, spongy
By mood lamps. They barely see each other

So risk their meaning. What’s that you can’t pray
Your way out of. Where’s that you’re hot to go.

You don’t expect to live like this ad
Infinitum, giving thanks for tomorrow.
I’ll let you get back to your table.