The Darkest Spring: A Look Back

Dear contributors, readers, supporters, and all-around decent human beings,

Thank you for being with us on our Rust + Moth journey, now ten years old. Looking back, I want to hold up so many poems, brush the dust off old favorites, cast new light on others, and see the change in the passing years and the constancy in the cycle of seasons.

In this season of change, let’s celebrate the season of rebirth, of virginity, of spring. But first, we must pass through the shadow lands. I want to take this moment to highlight my favorite poems about abuse, rape, abortion, motherhood, and what we teach little girls to think about their bodies. These are the poems that are, at best, uncomfortable to read.

Women’s issues are experiencing a rebirth. With a record number of women running for office, 2018 is predicted to be another strong year for the advancement of women’s rights. Now, more than ever, is the time to empower women and the historically disadvantaged through empathy, unity, and shared encouragement.

None of us can reclaim our first spring; that time is gone. But in the middle of the darkest hour, write a little poetry, if it helps, and know that spring is on its way. Thank you for sharing your writing with us, even the painful moments that are difficult to let loose upon the page and the world. Break open the festering wounds, let them heal.

Suncerae Smith
R+M Editor

P.S. On a lighter note, a selection of my favorite contributor biographies are featured as well.