Titles that Stand Alone

Sometimes a title is a poem in and of itself. Here are a few that we’ve published:

Geodesic Flow On A Riemann Manifold or The Ergodic Hypothesis Strikes Again or It’s Thermodynamics, Stupid! by Salvatore Attardo

This Morning a Clump of Hair Fell Out and Formed a Treble Clef on the Shower Floor by Meghan Bliss

Für Elise Played Quietly In a Room On Fire by Brian D. Morrison

In French, Pain Means Bread by Nathaniel Duggan

After finding pictures of my grandmother cleaning bird droppings off the Jesus statue in our garden, I wonder by J. Jerome Cruz

To Those Agritourists About to Die, We Salute You by Aden Thomas

Creature from the Radiator by Aden Thomas

crawlspaces and other hiding spots by Molli Spalter

I Inhaled Chloroform But That Doesn’t Explain the Dreams by Dane Langsjoen

Rough Bellies, Dirty Monsters by Jason Joyce

Compl(i/e)ment by Isabella Black

Blinked/Blank by Mark DeCarteret

The Wind Chime Is Made of Pig Bones Drilled Through and Monofilament by John McKernan

Advice for a Young Woman Who Suddenly Finds Herself as a Mermaid Without a Man Or, Between Us Girls by Sarah Jordan Stout

Das Mädchen ohne Hände is Sent to the Village to Fetch a Jug of Beer by Monika Cassel

Fog Having Tea With A Graveyard by Mike Soto