Shadows)Shaken out

shadows(shaken out
from somewhere inside)show
such dark painted portraits
of past(hardly held
in this aging heart)too much
for older eyes to keep(which
searched for your eyes again
for years)unknowing(how
easily vanished things
vanish(how like smoke
time slips out into
the night)lost
among the stars)

it means more to me now
(your laughter(i can hardly
hear it)than it did then
when i had mountains to climb
and rivers to walk(sunset kept
me dreaming of the places
suns went when i lost them)
now i am too tired to trace
horizons(i wish
for the comfort(and trace)
of your untraceable love)i miss
this about you(the way
i almost loved you,
my love)i miss the way
you tried to keep me there
(when i walk

these long shadows now
and play the fragmented
string quartets of
our last embrace(i
hardly hear the music of it
any more)i think perhaps
i’ll make a new you(outstretch
my memory to
make new melody)and
another embrace(one
that lasts(outlasts
never)and walks in
forever(your eyes,but
different shades(your hands,but
different lines(your voice,but
different words)all
to keep me company
on the far
like these)when i am
too tired and too far
to see the past(
when i lean back
with the sleepless night for
like these)perhaps
then i can love you(my
love)like you deserve