She Left Her Dust In My Eyes

she left her dust in my eyes
(the fragments of our
farewell)tremors still echo
in my heart(replay)the way
she answered her phone
and talked to him
right there in front of me(
replay)wishing i meant
something more to her(re
play)how i tried
to fall into her love again(
instead i was just falling
)(replay)i wrote poems to
dampen her eyes and
warm her breath(replay)
the way she asked
are we were done?
i need to go(replay)yes,
go.but be careful.if you
ever need anything,please
(replay)her slow exit.
(replay)how i called to her.
wait. hold on a second.
i love you(replay)
no turn. slow exit. gone.

her silence moves me
more than the music
of our once love(moves
me the way red hawks
move their prey)