Tentacle Antennas And Octopus Ears

We’re all vibrating water mostly
the hammer of God not so large
but small-small

so, small

it could be considered the malleus.
but you can listen with everything
else you’ve got, too…

your chest cavity
your spine
your feet
your skin

from your
toes to
your crown

all of you
until all
of you


*Octopus had ears before we discovered them. They’d been listening all along without our knowing about it. It was our idea of ears that had to change before we’d allow an Octopus its hearing. As far as ears go, they may not be the best for Beethoven, but an Octopus has three hearts to make up for it.

**Beethoven himself had to learn a new kind of listening as his ears faded away.

***I don’t know about you, but I like imagining Beethoven as having three hearts. It can’t be proven, scientifically, of course, but when I listen to “Für Elise” with special care, that’s what I’m ear feeling with my tentacle antennas.