The Truth About the Hooters Waitress Kidney Transplant

Marianna Villareal and customer, Donald Thomas,
are doing well after kidney transplant.
– Atlanta Journal, June 2015

I leap to conclusions:
The guy must’ve been hot
for a large-busted skimpy-T- shirt girl
so he gave her his kidney.
But no, it was she, age 22
who donated her organ to him, age 72.
Okay then, she was after his money.
No, she barely knew him. Mariana said,
You don’t think twice when the idea of helping
someone pops into your head.
There are 35,000 online articles
including Fox News and Daily Mail, UK.
A few show her bikini pinup shots—
was this a high-risk publicity stunt?
Lose an organ, win fame?
I peer into her face and think no.
Bare of make up, hospital gown to the neck,
dark hair twisted into a bird nest knot,
she and the you-saved- my-life Mr. Thomas
give a little wave to the camera.
She looks twelve.
She had said to him, Well, I have two kidneys—
do you want one of mine?