In this glaze, still
wet, you drag straight down.
Create fine striations, practice to reach when standing.
Formal, depending on colors.

From foglight and sparrow to brass and bitter lemon.

Paint bucket, rack brushes, and roller string.
Washer plumb. Liquid spirits. Linseed oil.

Immediately submerge in water. Practice the thin extend
but keep. With spirits or water.
Dilute – you’ll get better. Work the brush
to an entire wall in one session.

The leading edge will be wet. Stir.

Sticktray with liner. Curved step stool.
Two house painter’s brushes, and rags.

A midnight pulled horizontally,
vertically, throws living into prominence.
Caveat: technique requires at least one other person.

Layers of moss greentip just below.
Ferrule. Extended arm. Press.

That one continuous wipe, adjacent and parallel.
Leave wet. Redrag, removing need. Create a fine sand
over silk, over the glaze-handled steel.
Be hard to hold. Disintegrate quickly.